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We know it can be daunting to use a new system, and that is why we are on hand to help make it as easy as possible. Below we have outline everything that you need to know to set up your account and activities.

Setting up Your Account

Sign up and “Apply to Become a Coach”

Before you start the set up, you will need to created a coach account. If you haven’t then please click here.

Once you have done this you can then select from the 5 tier memberships we have to offer for more deatils on what each tier offeres please see our membership page.

Connect your Stripe Account to accept payments

Next, you will need to connect your bank details to Stripe so that you can accept payments from clients. Go to your settings and click “Payment” then click “Connect to Stripe”. You just need to fill out the small form and you will be all set to accept payments. (If you are only advertising you do not need to set this up, but you can for if you ever want to take payments). > Click here to begin step 2 <

Set up your Coach Profile

Once you have connected to Stripe you can go ahead and set up your profile for everyone to see a bit about you. Just click on “Settings” and work your way through each tab, once you have filled each tab in just press save changes.

Note: In the coach description you just want it to be brief and to the point. You can put as much details as you wish under “seller info”- this is where clients can find out more about you as a coach and the sort of training session you do. If you ever are unsure please do feel free to give us a quick call and we can talk you through each step. > Click here to begin step 3<

Set up training sessions

Lastly, you are ready to start setting up training sessions for people to book onto! (Activities > Add Activity), then just go through the questionnaire format to complete setting up training sessions. You can always hit the “Save daft” button at the bottom if you want to come back to it before going live. Below are some tips to help you when you are creating an activity to accept bookings and payments for:

– First click on “Add Activity”


– The term “Activity” means anything from day-to-day lessons, to clinics, events and competitions. You can set up anything equestrian related here to take bookings and payments for.

– Next, you just need to fill in the details of the training session for clients to see, such as title, a longer description and a short description of a line or two.



– You can also, say where you would like the training to be held. It can be same a profile (so the address you out as your profile), it can be an alternative location such as an equestrian centre or you can set it to have no set location, for example if you are freelancing and travelling to clients yards.

– You can add up 4 pictures for people to see a little bit about you and your training on the activity page.


– When it says “Max bookings per block”, it just means what are the maximum number of people you would like in each session. For example if you have a clinic and what a max group of 4 you can put 4, or if it just private lessons put 1. If you have any special requirements such as allowing the customer the option of a group lesson or an individual lesson, please get in touch and we will sort it for you.



–  When it says “Minimum block bookable… into the future”, it is asking what is the minimum amount of time you need between a booking being made and the training session taking place. For example if you need at least 2 days notice you can put 2 and then days.

– When it says “Maximum block bookable… into the future”, it is asking how far in advanced of a training session can people book. For example if you don’t want people booking lessons anymore then 2 months away, then you can just put 2 and then months.

– The “buffer period” is for coaches that which to have time between lessons. For example if you want to coach a 45 minute lesson but want each lesson to start on the hour, you can make the duration 45 minutes and then the buffer period 15 minutes. Or if you are a freelance coach, you can allow a buffer period to allow for travel time between clients of an hour for instance.


– When you “Add a range” this is when you add times people can book with you. For example, if you are holding a clinic on the 12th September 2020 from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break at 1pm for lunch, you would follow these steps; 1) “Add Range”, 2) Select “Date range with time”, 3) Put: 12/09/2020 09:00, to 12/09/2020 13:00, 4) “Add Range”, 5) Select “Date range with time”, 6) Put: 12/09/2020 14:00, to 12/09/2020 17:00. 7) Under “Bookable?” press “Yes”.

– If you want to make sure no one books when you are competing or on a day off, just put in the date/day/time and select bookable: no. When you add this make sure it is placed at the top of the table, as the ranges that are higher in the table will have priority over the ones that are lower.


– Finally, under cost, you put what the client will be charged for the session.

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