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We are here to help you make the most of your “Equine Bookings” experience. This includes giving you the service and support you deserve. If you have any questions please feel free to check out of FAQs section, and if that still doesn’t give you an answer drop us a message or give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

Riders support

How Can We Help You?

Here you can click on the topic you need help with and we walk you through a step-by-step guild on how we can help.

How do I create a Coach Account?

For a step-by-step YouTube Video Tutorial on how to create a coach account, please click here.

Below is a written guide on how to create a coach account.

1. Click here to head over to the registration page

2. On the right had side of the page (or if you scroll down on a mobile device) you will find a heading that says “Register”. Here you just put in your email address and create a password. Make sure you tick the box that says “Become a coach”.

  • When creating a password, make sure it is strong enough for security purposes.
  • You will need to accept our privacy policy and our terms and conditions (found below the password section).
  • Make sure you tick the “Become a coach” box.

3. Once you click “REGISTER”, you will then load the Membership selection page. Here you can choose which membership you would like to sign up for.

4. Lastly, you can go through and book training with coaches!

How do I Search for Coaches?

For a step-by-step YouTube Video Tutorial on how to search for coaches and training sessions, please click here.

1. Head over to “Search Coaches”

2. Next, you can either use your location or use an address to search from, then select what discipline you would like to serach through.

3. You can then see all coaches within your critira. You can select a coach’s profile to see more details of them.

4. Lastly, you can select an activity to look at, then book and pay for the training.

How do I Book Training?

For a step-by-step YouTube Video Tutorial on how to book training sessions, please click here.

1. Firstly, you will need to find either a coach or a training session to book onto:

2. Next you can just click on a coach and/or training session to book.

3. Once you have selected a training session to book, you can then see more details and when they are avaiable to book.

  • When you have read the coaches policies and details about the training session, you need to click a date on the calendar and then pick a time to book.

4. When you click “BOOK NOW” you will be asked to accept the coaches policies before your booking is added to your basket.

  • After adding the training to your basket you can then either search for more training session to book, or you can click “VIEW BASKET”.

5. From here you can either add a discount code if you have one, and then press checkout to go on and pay.

  • Please note: We do not accept American Express, sorry for the incovience.

Coaches FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs from Coaches

How long after applying for a coaches account will I know whether I am accepted or not?

Confirmation is usually instantaneous, but we say to allow 2 working days, this means we can detect if a account is fake or not. We also check for any duplicated coaches. This said, if you are regersitering your account, it should be instanty accepted. Once you have been accepted you can then select the tier you wish subscribe to.

How much does a coaches account cost per month?

To check out our current prices see our Membership section. These are fixed and the only fee you will be charged for using our platform.

Why when I add a store icon does it not accept the image I upload?

Mostly likely this is because the image you are trying to upload is either too big or too small. The icon should be should be around 400px x 400px (square) as per twitter. If you still have problems, feel free to give us a call and we will sort it for you.

When a client books onto a session with me, how much commission does Equine Bookings take?

0%!! When a client makes a booking with you, you receive 100% of session fee. For example, if you charge £50 for a session, when your client pays for the session you will receive the full £50 into your bank account.

What happens once someone pays for a session with me?

Once a rider pays for their training sessions, the payment is held by Stripe for 7 days and then is sent straight into your Stripe Account that you have connected. Here you can then decide where your funds go; may it be straight to your bank account, or held in your Stripe account.

In order for coaches to receive payments they must connect/set up an account with Stripe via their dashboard. Coaches will have to set this up before setting up any lessons or clinics. When setting up your coach account, in the dashboard select Settings > Payment. Here you will be asked connect/set up an account with Stripe. Stripe is quick and easy to set up and gives you control of when the payments from clients goes into your relevant bank account.

If I have to cancel a session, but a client has already paid for it, how do I give them a refund or amend the date/time of the session?


Refunds are done automatically when a booking is cancelled. When a booking is cancelled, a refund is issued to the client for the cost of the session (this does not include the booking fee and it can take up to 10 working days to complete). We then refund the amount out of your Stripe account to your client for you. This means when you or your client cancels a booking, there is nothing more that you or your client need to do.

Cancel a booking: If you need to cancel a booking then simply go to the booking section of your coach dashboard and select the booking you wish to cancel. Under “actions” you can cancel the booking.

Amend a booking: If you need to make an adjustment to the time or date of a session, simply go onto the bookings section of your dashboard and select the booking you wish to amend. In here you can then change the time and date of when a session takes place.

I have not received any notification for the bookings my clients have made?

Please check your spam folder and add to your spam filter’s trusted sender list.

What do I do if I am struggling to set up an activity?

We soon have tutorial videos to help you, but if you click the button below we will be more than happy to help you.

Need help creating an activity such as lessons or a clinic?

We are here to help!

We know that it’s not easy to work with something new, that is why we are here to help you in anyway we can. We have developed forms that coaches can fill in and we can then do what we can to support them.

My Account

Your account queries will depend upon which account you have (athlete or coach) and also which tier you are on. We have a support team on had to help with any of your questions.

Live Chat

Sometimes we know people prefer to speak to someone over the phone. That is why we allow coaches and riders to call us directly to answer any questions you have. Please see details below.


Be sure you are aware of all our terms and conditions before you pursue with any enquires. This said we will be happy to help where we can and support you with any questions you have.

Send us a message!

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Welcome to Equine Bookings

Thank you for signing up to Equine Bookings and welcome to your "Coaches Dashboard"! Here are just a few tips on how to get started.

Before you start the set up, please make sure you have created a coach account. If you haven't then please click here.

.  1) Firstly, you need to select which membership you would like to sign up for. If you wish to simply advertise your coaching services then select "Advertisement Tier" and scroll down to press "Apply to become a coach".

.  2) You will need to connect your bank details to Stripe so that you can accept payments from clients. Go to your settings and click "Payment" then click "Connect to Stripe".

.  3) Once you have done this you can go ahead and set up your profile for everyone to see a bit about you. Just click on "Settings" and work your way through each tab.

.  4) Lastly, you are ready to start setting up training sessions for people to book onto! (Activities > Add Activity), then just go through the questionnaire format to complete setting up training sessions. You can always hit the "Save daft" button at the bottom if you want to come back to it before going live. Below are some tips to help you when you are creating an activity to accept bookings and payments for:


.  Activity means anything from day-to-day lessons, to clinics, events and competitions. You can set up anything equestrian related here to take bookings and payments for.


.  When it says "Max bookings per block", it just means what are the maximum number of people you would like in each session. For example if you have a clinic and what a max group of 4 you can put 4, or if it just private lessons put 1. If you have any special requirements such as allowing the customer the option of a group lesson or an individual lesson, please get in touch and we will sort it for you.


.  When it says "Minimum block bookable... into the future", it is asking what is the minimum amount of time you need between a booking being made and the training session taking place. For example if you need at least 2 days notice you can put 2 and then days.


.  When it says "Maximum block bookable... into the future", it is asking how far in advanced of a training session can people book. For example if you don't want people booking lessons anymore then 2 months away, then you can just put 2 and then months.


.  The "buffer period" is for coaches that which to have time between lessons. For example if you want to coach a 45 minute lesson but want each lesson to start on the hour, you can make the duration 45 minutes and then the buffer period 15 minutes. Or if you are a freelance coach, you can allow a buffer period to allow for travel time between clients of an hour for instance.


.  When you "Add a range" this is when you add times people can book with you. For example, if you are holding a clinic on the 12th September 2020 from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break at 1pm for lunch, you would follow these steps; 1) "Add Range", 2) Select "Date range with time", 3) Put: 12/09/2020 09:00, to 12/09/2020 13:00, 4) "Add Range", 5) Select "Date range with time", 6) Put: 12/09/2020 14:00, to 12/09/2020 17:00. 7) Under "Bookable?" press "Yes".


.  Then under cost put in the price of the lesson. Then you're all ready to go! Just press "Save Changes" to go live or press "Save draft" if you want to come back to edit it. * Note: you can edit an activity even when it is live*


If you have any special requirements or need to add any features to your activities such as choices of location, or type of training, please contact us via our support page and we can do this for you.

If you ever need to see this step by step guide again or if you need any help with anything just head over to our "Support" page where you can find the likes of FAQs, an email form and a our phone number so we can talk you through any issues you may be having.