Hello everyone!

Over the past 48 hours a lot of different messages have been circulating with regards to what is and what is not allowed for riders training with coaches and the hiring of venues. We want to highlight the key points that all riders and equestrian coaches should take note of before rushing out to give or receive training sessions on your horses. These points are taken directly from The British Horse Society (BHS) and the British Equestrian Federation (BEF).

*These are the guidelines set out by the British Government, the BHS and Sport England as of 12/05/2020 and should be followed by all until the next governmental update.*


  1. Can start giving 1-1 training sessions with clients, but maintaining social distancing of 2 meters.
  2. Can travel to clients locations, arena hire or have clients on their yard (at their own risk)- please make sure your own insurance, and/or the insurance of the venue covers this.
  3. Restricted to only giving 1-1 sessions and to ensure there is as little contact as possible between coach, client and equipment.
  4. Always check with insurance to ensure you are covered (this maybe under the BHS).
  5. Sterilisation of person and equipment should take place between clients.
  6. Only give coaching sessions where it feels safe to do so and if you or your client feels unwell, you are advised to cancel the session.


  1. Can now receive coaching sessions on a 1-1 basis.
  2. Can travel to receive coaching and for arena hire (before you do this, please check with your insurance company).
  3. Must travel alone if possible and if they need accompanying it should be from the same household. This person should not join in the training session in any form (if training your horse at home or attending arena hire, please ensure you have someone present with you at all times in case of emergency).
  4. Sterilisation of persons and equipment should be done regularly especially when travelling to different places for training.
  5. Should always maintain social distancing from coach at all times.

For more details please visit: https://www.bhs.org.uk/our-charity/press-centre/news/2020/may/120520

We know this is a difficult time for all equestrians and we all just want to be back out competing once again as normal, but these are in place for the health and safety of us all. Please do follow these guidelines and if you have any questions or need any support please do visit our Support page and get in contact with us.

Thank you and stay safe.

The Equine Bookings Team