Take clients bookings & payments online!

Allow clients to book and pay for training sessions or clinics online, receive automated notifications/reminders and much more!

How We Help Equestrian Coaches

Take clients bookings online

All tiers above the “Advertising Tier” allow coaches to take clients bookings via a live online calendar. Clients book around coaches availability.

Take clients payments online

All tiers above the “Advertising Tier” allow coaches to take clients payments online with no hidden fees. Coaches receive 100% of the session cost.

Manage clients in seconds

With our coaches dashboard, coaches can manage their clients all in one place in just a few clicks. This saves time and keeps track of your coaching schedule for you.

Automated notifications & reminders

Coaches are very busy and they don’t have the time to manage bookings and sending lesson reminders. That is why we do all the of this for you via email and text.

How We Help Your Riders/Clients

Book training sessions online

With our FREE rider account, anyone can book training in just a few clicks. If someone doesn’t want to create an account? That’s fine, they can still book!

Pay for training online

With our unique interrogated “Stripe Connect” system, anyone can pay for their training sessions with any major card in seconds! It really is that easy!

Management of their own bookings

Rider accounts can see past bookings, re-book, cancel and review all their training sessions in one place! Plus, contact their coach in needed.

Email and text notifications

Clients receive notifications via email and text whenever a booking is made or altered. They also receive reminders via email & text of upcoming bookings.

Freelance Coaches

Being a freelance coach possibly means you will need to be travelling for your coaching sessions. This is why we have added a feature where coaches can factor in travel time between training sessions. For example, if you need to give a lesson Oxford at 11 am you can allow a “buffer period” of an hour to allow time to travel to you next location to start your next lesson at 1 pm. By doing this you can be as efficient as possible and maximise profitability. This makes our platform perfect for all freelance coaches to advertise their availability, take clients bookings and payments in seconds!

Accredited Coaches

On your profile, you can add all your qualifications and achievements to show prospective clients when they are searching for a new coach. No matter how your coaching business works we have tailred our platform to work for you. We offer discounts for accredited coaches of all the national governing bodies. For more details please do get in touch.

Part-time Coaches

With our wide variety of memberships, we have options for all types of coaches including those that are only part time. If you coach only for a few ours a week but want a simple booking system that can take clients payments, then our BRONZE Tier is perfect for you. Our bronze tier allows coaches to take day-to-day bookings for just £10 per month! This includes unlimited bookings and payments from clients, with the option to upgrade to a higher tier to include clinics/events at anytime.

Equestrian Centres / Livery Yards

From organising clinics and lessons, to taking booking and payments for arena hire, we are able to help equestrian centres and livery yards to manage their facility at an affordable rate. Your profile is completely customizable to you and your facilities needs. Our support network is always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Event Organisers

When it comes to organising events, we know how stressful it can be. We want to take a bit of that stress away by handling all your bookings, payments, notifications/reminders and issue refunds if necessary. By allowing us to take care of these, you can focus on putting on a brilliant event for your clients! Depending on how many events you have on the go, we have a wide variety of memberships to suit you and your business best. Plus, with unlimited bookings on all memberships, it doesn’t matter how big the event is, we’ve got you covered.

Advertise your Coaching Services FREE of charge for life!


You can now try out olur booking system free of charge for 14 days when you subscribe to any of our coach accounts!

We Connect Riders and Coaches

Through an all-in-one system we make it as easy as possible for clients to book training with coaches.
  • Search for coaches and events in their area
  • See upcoming clinics and lesson availability
  • Book and pay for training
  • Email and text message notifications and reminders

Coach Account Key Features

Unlimited Bookings and Payments

All coach accounts above the “Advertisment Tier”, come with the ability to take unlimted bookings. This means no matter how big or small your event or lessons are, you can count on us to handle your bookings and payments.

Receive 100% of Booking Cost

There are NO hidden fees! Your membership means that whatever you charge for a lesson you will receive the full 100% of this into your bank account, as we do not take a cut of any kind. Clients pay a small booking fee when they checkout.

Personalised Cancellation Policy

All coaches can set a cancellation policy for each activity they make. This prevents no shows and late cancellations. Coaches can cancel sessions at anytime, but clients can only cancel bookings if it is within the cancellation policy. This puts you in control of your bookings and means it is clear for your clients too.

Complete Support for you and your Clients

All accounts come with a support network that are on hand with all technical enquires. We are available via email, phone call or social media for support. Just see out Support page for more details.

Coupon Codes for your Clients

Coaches can create coupons to allow their clients to receive a discount for multiple lesson bookings, or for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or start of competition seasons.


Option to Vet Who Books Training With You

Coaches have the option to check everyone who makes bookings, and have the option to accept, reject or change bookings. This is important for busy coaches with restricted availability to make sure their loyal customers get their slots. Coaches can also just set it to allow anyone make a booking.


Automatic Refunds

To save you time and effort, we deal with all refunds for you. This helps with your book keeping and monitoring your clients payments.

As soon as a booking is cancelled we refund the full payment back to the card that the payment was made on.


"Equine Bookings has made managing my clients booking and payments a breeze with a fantastic 'coach dashboard', everything I need is all in one place"

"Taking upfront payment has meant that even when a client doesn't show up, I still get paid for my time, which is a brilliant feature"

"The 'Personal Assistant Tier' is perfect for me as it means I can focus taking my training sessions and not worry about managing bookings and payments"

"My clients have told me that they love how easy it is to book multiple training session at once and paying online is more convenient than paying on the day"

How Does It Work?- The Process

Step 1: Create your account and set up training

Once you have signed up and created your account. You can then add your training sessions by clicking “Add Activity”. To do this you just need to fill in the criteria of your training session and then it is ready to go live!

Step 2: Get Clients Bookings

You can let your current clients know about your training by copying the URL and pasting it to social media by just clicking the link icon on the activity’s page. Your training will also be visible for all our prospective riders that use our search feature to find training local to them. Riders Accounts are completely FREE to set up and use!

Step 3: Clients Payments

When anyone makes a booking they will pay for the session upfront. Clients can pay using any major credit or debit card when they checkout. The payment is then held by Stripe until the day of training session/event takes place. This means we can issue quick refunds in the case of you cancelling or your client cancelling the session. Once the session has passed, the full 100% is sent to your Stripe Account that will then go directly into your bank account!

Step 4: Refunds and Reviews

If the coach cancels the training session a refund is automatically issued in full back to the client who booked the training session. Coaches can have cancellation policies that prevent no shows and late cancellations. 

Clients can also leave a review of their training session to let others know what a great job their coach had done! 

How To Set Up An Account


Step 1: Create an account

Click on the “SIGN UP” button below. Once you have done this, see the “Register” section. Fill in your relevant details and make sure you tick the box that reads “Apply to become a coach?”.

Step 2: Select a membership

Here you can now select from 5 different tiers (see our “Memberships” page for more details) and sign up to your monthly membership with a 14 day FREE TRIAL!

Step 3: Fill in your coach profile & set up activities

Next, you will fill in your coach profile and create training sessions, so that clients/riders can see what you are about and can also book/pay for training sessions around your availability. You will also need to connect a “Stripe” account to allow payments to go straight into your bank account after being received.


No Matter How Big or Small!

With over of 60 years experience, we understand coaches better than anyone. That is why we have deveopled services that best serve coaches to save time and save money. Our services range from clinic organising to social media managment. To find out more just vist our “Services” page by hitting the button below.

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