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Riders can search through our database of equestrian coaches to find a coach that suits you best. Then see when they are available for training, book it and pay for it all in seconds.

How We Help Riders

Book training sessions online

With our FREE rider account, anyone can book training in just a few clicks. If someone doesn’t want to create an account? That’s fine, they can still book!

Pay for training online

With our unique interrogated “Stripe Connect” system, anyone can pay for their training sessions with any major card in seconds! It really is that easy!

Management of their own bookings

Rider accounts can see past bookings, re-book, cancel and review all their training sessions in one place! Plus, contact their coach in needed.

Email and text notifications

Clients receive notifications via email and text whenever a booking is made or altered. They also receive reminders via email & text of upcoming bookings.

Don't Want to Create an Account?

No Problem!

Riders can search, book and pay for training sessions without even creating an account with us. Some of the perks to creating a free account with us include;

  • A “Rider Profile” that tells new coaches a bit about what level you are at, so that they can best prepare for your lesson
  • Tracking and altering your bookings
  • Re-book coaching sessions
  • Review training session
  • Option to remember payment card to making booking training even quicker and easier

We Connect Riders and Coaches

Through an all-in-one system we make it as easy as possible for clients to book training with coaches.
  • Search for coaches and events in their area
  • See upcoming clinics and lesson availability
  • Book and pay for training
  • Email and text message notifications and reminders

Rider Account Key Features

Laptop, Mobile, Tablet

No matter what device you are using to book training, we can handle it! Our website is fully interrogated for all devices. So no matter where you are or what you are on, you can still book and pay for training with your coach.

Email and Text Notifications and Reminders

Once you have made a booking, you will receive an email and text to confirm your booking. We will notify you of any changes to bookings and send you reminders of your bookings.

Complete Support

All accounts come with a support network that are on hand with all technical enquires. We are available via email, phone call or social media for support. Just see our Support page for more details.

Coupon Codes

Keep an eye out for your coaches discount codes! Coaches can create coupons to allow their clients to receive a discount for multiple lesson bookings, or for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or start of competition seasons. If you are unsure if your coach has a code, make sure you ask them.


Automatic Refunds

To save you time and effort, we deal with all refunds for you. As soon as a booking is cancelled we refund the full payment back to the card that the payment was made on.


"Equine Bookings has made managing my clients booking and payments a breeze with a fantastic 'coach dashboard', everything I need is all in one place"

"Taking upfront payment has meant that even when a client doesn't show up, I still get paid for my time, which is a brilliant feature"

"The 'Personal Assistant Tier' is perfect for me as it means I can focus taking my training sessions and not worry about managing bookings and payments"

"My clients have told me that they love how easy it is to book multiple training session at once and paying online is more convenient than paying on the day"

How Does It Work?- The Process

Step 1: Create your account

Simply press “Sign Up” below. Then fill out the register section. Once you have done this you can edit your “Rider Profile” so that new coaches you book with can see a bit about you to prepare for the lesson the best they can. You can mention any details about your horse and what level you are currently at with them.

Step 2: Search for coaches local to you

You can search for coaches local to you, in your discipline, in seconds by clicking the button below.

Or, if you know which coach you want, simply search their name using the search bar below.



Step 3: Book and pay

When you have found the coach you want a lesson with, you can see all their availability through their profile. Here you can select a slot you wish to book and add it to your basket. When you have added all the lessons you wish to book, you can then head to the checkout! You can then pay for your lessons using any major European credit or debit card. There is a small “booking fee” added to the order.

Step 4: Attend your training session and give a review

Last but not least, you just need to turn up for your lesson and have a great time!


You can also leave a review of your training session to let others know what you think of your coach.

How To Set Up An Account


Step 1: Create an account

Click on the “SIGN UP” button below. Once you have done this, see the “Register” section. Fill in your relevant details.

Step 2: Set up your “Rider Profile”

You then can set up your “Rider Profile” if you wish to let coaches know a bit about you. To do this, simply click the “Edit Rider Profile” button in your My Account section.

Step 3: Then find, book and pay for training!

Once you have set up your profile you are all set to go. We hope you enjoy your training sessions and we are always on hand to help in anyway we can via out “Support” section.

Thank you and have fun!


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